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Onshore well site pads and gathering facilities 

Data transfer from the wellhead to the desktop begins with process automation and controls. However, the ability to remotely monitor wells and wellsite gathering infrastructure requires routing time-sensitive data reliably to a central SCADA system and/or mobile device(s) where personnel have the ability to proactively intervene if/when processes aren’t performing optimally.

A few of the most common business requirements we address are:

  • Bringing new wells online which requires tying into an existing automation and controls schema and SCADA architecture

  • Outfitting and standardizing newly acquired wells with hardware, software and protocols that conform with corporate-wide best practices and policies

  • Upgrading and migrating existing controls and SCADA systems to newer technology such as IoT and/or Cloud Solutions

  • Implementing and configuring new central SCADA systems for field-wide operational visibility of multi-well performance

  • Providing mobile device apps for monitoring facilities, routing alerts, managing field personnel, and more

  • Supporting field operations and maintenance of existing PLCs, HMIs and site-specific SCADA systems

The numbers speak for themselves

The founders of SOAP Engineering have served E&P Operators working in the US and Canada for more than 25 years, and have successfully:


Commissioned wellsites


Lines of code


Programmed PLCs, HMIs, EFMs and RTUs


Logged hours troubleshooting,

upgrading and/or maintaining

automation platforms and

SCADA systems

We help a variety of companies operating in upstream E&P with industrial automation and SCADA implementation. Which of the following best describes your organization?

E&P-Operator - Compressed.png
EPC-Firms alt - Compressed.png
Tanker - Compressed.png

E&P operator

If you own producing wells or are about to drill, consulting with a SCADA Integrator can help you minimize wellsite HSE risk and can provide field-scale operational visibility into well performance.

Engineering, procurement & construction firm

EPC Firms that want a competitive advantage should work with an Integrator during the design phase of the facility to ensure the project specifications factor in the latest advances in industrial automation and SCADA design and technology.

Well site midstream gathering company

Wellsite gathering that is outsourced to a third party is an act of trust and integrity. Transferring custody of precious product and accounting for it properly requires metering and monitoring of the asset closely. However the most important aspect is properly mitigating risk of HSE incidents so both parties are successful.

Case Studies

Upstream scada implementation

An upstream company operating in South Texas utilizes SCADA implementation to bridge the gap in data availability and operational action. 

Upstream SCADA implementation

Explore well site automation, control and SCADA simplicity with SOAP.

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