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How we can help

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Turnkey solutions

We can support any size project or facility from concept and design all the way to site testing and commissioning.

Migration & expansion projects

If you need to integrate different platforms or systems, or maybe you need a complete overhaul, we have a well-defined procedure for managing data and process migration that minimizes downtime.

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Process & platform standardization

When protocols, tagging, controllers and systems vary it can become a nightmare to manage. Creating a company standard can help minimize a variety of problems that hamper operational efficiency.


This solution provides a completely outsourced option for remote management of operations. If you need to minimize overhead and want to reduce IT infrastructure support and costs, SOAP’s SCADA-as-a-Service option could be right for you.

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IoT / Cloud solutions

We have helped several companies explore how to manage their SCADA operations in the cloud. This solution allows you to minimize IT costs and support while also providing failsafes and redundancies.

Maintenance & support

When you simply don’t have enough manpower or perhaps you want the convenience of making a single call to troubleshoot and maintain your SCADA system, we offer a variety of services that can be customized to meet your team’s unique needs.

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