Current Openings

Interested candidates please send your cover letter and resume to Include the interested position in the Subject line. 

1. Mechanical Engineer

Job Description: 

Configure and install DCS, PLC, RTU, and EFM systems such as Delta V, Honeywell, Siemens, ABB, Fisher ROC, OMNI, and SCADAPack. Prepare and design specific documentation, control panel. Prepare and define implementation for instruments; design and commission standard network distributed Server- Client architecture; Design the SCADA, DCS and instrumentation network handling multiple industrial protocols; Configure and install SCADA, Program PLCs; Make daily process reports to clients. 

2. Senior SCADA Engineer

Job Description: 

Configure and install SCADA Software such as OASyS, ICONICS, Wonderware, Indusoft; design electrical instruments such as HMI; document test scenarios; program PLSs; prepare and define implementation using robust FEED documentation; install and configure DCS; install SCADA using MODBUS or OPC; prepare specs conforming to standards and customer requirements; integrating building control systems using SCADA.