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E&P Operators

When should you invest in automation and SCADA?

There are a number of challenges E&P Operators face where the right industrial automation or remote monitoring initiative could change the game on operational efficiency and business intelligence.

If you’re operating 100 or more wells, it’s nearly impossible to visit each site daily to ensure proper functioning of wellpad equipment and optimal production. Operating blind is a multi-million dollar risk. A leak or spill, a blowout, an idle well, or even simply monitoring take-away of your products are examples of issues that can be easily monitored and potentially prevented with proper automation and SCADA system implementation.

Case Studies


End-to-end supervisory control platform for remote field instruments


Implementing CygNet alarm rationalization.

How we can help

New wells/pads

Early consultation in the planning and design phase of the wellsite facility is when our clients benefit the most from our experience. We can be instrumental in helping you evaluate process performance, business needs, the necessary technology and the post-commissioning support requirements to meet your goals while also providing you with recommendations based on industry best practices. We help our clients future-proof their investment by advising them about common pitfalls, and keeping them current on the relevant technological advances in process automation and SCADA such as IoT, cloud solutions, and mobile apps.

Minimizing HSE risk

For every well drilled, there are a number of HSE risks that can threaten operations and regulatory compliance. Process automation and remote monitoring can help you shutdown or open valves, for example, when well temperatures and/or pressures increase or decrease. Monitoring tank levels can help you avoid spills or overflows. You can even manage your field ops personnel more effectively by using a mobile SCADA app so you can prioritize and troubleshoot problem wells quickly - ultimately saving you time and minimizing personnel exposure to the wellsite.

Multi-platform maintenance, standardization & support

Over the course of 20+ years, we’ve learned that many oil companies suffer from having a mixed bag of controls and platforms across their wells that make oversight and maintenance of their assets complicated. Legacy systems, acquisition of new wells or assets, or even upgrades to existing PLCs, HMIs, RTUs or SCADA versions can cause incompatibilities that require redundancy in expertise, inventory, protocols, annual licensing fees, data management, and more. Standardizing and creating corporate-wide best practices can help reduce maintenance and downtime by delivering a unified set of processes, controls, and alarms, and a systematic data tagging methodology.

Production to measurement to accounting

The minute your well goes live, you are generating production data that other business functions in the organization rely on. Reservoir engineers, SCADA managers, field operations personnel, and production accountants are in need of accurate measurements for reservoir modeling and simulation, wellsite maintenance scheduling, financial forecasting, and regulatory reporting. SOAP has integrated SCADA systems with a number of business intelligence, data management, accounting, ERP and other software solutions to support operational visibility across multiple departments and functions.

Process optimization

Over time, processes may need to be adjusted and fine-tuned based on a variety of criteria. The goal of our process optimization services is to help our clients maximize the lifespan of their wellsite equipment while operating at peak performance. For example, we have helped E&P Operators dramatically increases their response time to spills, shutdowns and other critical alarms by providing real-time data in a user-friendly visual format.


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“Wellsite Infrastructure Projects Would Benefit from Early Involvement of SCADA Integrators”



For clients who want to minimize their IT infrastructure and maintenance/support costs, we offer a full-service, outsourced alternative.


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