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Your subcontractors are an extension of your brand

Your ability to manage a complex project and to coordinate the efforts of multiple vendors and subcontractors is why an Oil Company hired your firm. Delivering their wellsite facility and getting it operating quickly is the make or break of your reputation. The subcontractors and partners you recommend are a reflection of your company’s competency.

Although implementing controls and configuring a SCADA system represents only the last 5% of your big project, all eyes are on you to see if the wellsite infrastructure your team recommended and installed is going to perform. It’s the critical moment for which your client is judging you - can you get the facility up and running on time, so they can produce and commercialize the oil or gas they’ve discovered.  

Don’t leave your reputation and brand to chance; hire an Integrator that is competent in upstream E&P operations, and well-versed on a variety of controls and SCADA platforms -  legacy and current.

How we can help

System engineering & design

When you work with SOAP Engineering during the project scoping phase, we can be a valuable resource to help define the requirements for system engineering and design. Because we work on a variety of projects large and small, and we’ve seen what it takes to operate a SCADA system post-installation, we can make technology recommendations that will optimize equipment performance, improve operations and provide the necessary remote monitoring capabilities that help clients mitigate HSE risk. Our depth and breadth in implementing projects for upstream operations gives you a valuable resource to help suggest processes that are in line with industry best practices.

Project lifecycle management

Alignment and synergy between subcontractors and vendors is the output of streamlined project management. From design to commissioning, an EPC firm and a SCADA Integrator should have a well documented process and open communication about project status and health. Maintaining consistency in project management is a big part of SOAP’s value, and why we recommend working together before a Statement of Work is developed. Our project management process has helped us deliver multi-million dollar projects on time, within scope and budget when we are embedded in the project team early.

Multi-platform maintenance, standardization & support

Over the course of 25 years, we’ve learned that many oil companies suffer from having a mixed bag of controls and platforms across their assets that make oversight and maintenance of their assets complicated. Legacy systems, acquisition of new wells or assets, or even upgrades to existing PLCs, HMIs or SCADA versions can cause incompatibilities that require redundancy in expertise, inventory, protocols, annual licensing fees, data management, and more. Standardizing and creating corporate-wide best practices can help reduce maintenance and downtime by delivering a unified set of processes, controls, alarms and a systematic data tagging methodology.

Service & support

We’re accommodating and flexible. We’ve worked with EPC firms in a number of ways: as a standalone subcontractor; as an embedded part of your team; or under a long term partnership agreement. We can even help offload the burden of post-installation service and support that is often expected with controls and SCADA implementation. This saves your clients a tremendous amount of time, keeps their systems upgraded and maintained properly, and removes the burden of calling a support hotline for multiple vendors when intervention is needed.

Want to ensure efficiency by hiring an experienced upstream SCADA Integrator?

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