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Corvit Networks


SOAP Engineering Partners With Corvit Networks For World-Class OT/ICS Cyber Security Solutions

We are delighted to announce that SOAP Engineering has entered into a partnership with Corvit Networks to provide Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) cyber security solutions and services to its clients in USA.

In order to address the growing need of securing OT and ICS networks, SOAP Engineering has partnered with Corvit Networks that has 23 years of expertise delivering Informational Technology (IT), network security, and OT/ICS cyber security solutions in six (6) countries.

System Migrations and Expansions

Through this exciting new alliance, SOAP Engineering will be extending world-class IT, network Security, and OT/ICS cyber security solutions to its clientele. As cyber physical systems (CPS) in OT/ICS networks continue to converge with IT systems, the attack surface is rapidly expanding – resulting in an increased frequency and intensity of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure.

Moreover, adversaries are now using sophisticated attack techniques that require a completely new approach to securing OT/ICS environments. SOAP Engineering, in partnership with Corvit Networks now offers best-of-breed OT/ICS cyber security solutions for complete asset visibility leading to Comprehensive cyber resilience and operational resilience as shown below:

Process and Platform Standardization

OT/ICS Cyber Security Components

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